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Tying knots on a cold, rainy night is a BEAR. The tent Grizzly revolutionizes tensioning lines to stakes (tents) or high branches (tarps). Don't be fooled by animal cracker cuteness - titanium construction is indestructible and the grizzly shape makes instructions easy to remember.

Patent Pending Contact us for licensing opportunities.

Set of 4

titanium construction
hi-viz red leggings (hand dipped)
titanium recycled from aerospace industry
made in Ohio
Bush Smarts exclusive

36" ultra strong 2mm Dyneema® cord
hi-hiz reflective
260 lb. rip strength, 50 lb. working load
non-technical, utility use only
non stretch

1.25" long x 1.25" wide x .25" deep
.25oz (with cord)

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