Campfire Bellows

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Building a fire is an art form, and this Campfire Bellows will help you perfect the craft. Whether you’re nursing a fledgling fire or rejuvenating a coal from last night, you can use this compact, durable tool to blow air directly into the coals. This little tool is a big plus to have in your pack. Use it to light with dry fuels, or (hopefully not) use it in a survival situation to save your life.



Includes one bellows and a Bush Smarts protective carrying tube
Produced as V3-Pocket Bellow from Epiphany Outdoor Gear

3.5" collapsed
21" extended

1 oz

Use an even, gentle breath and twice as much tinder and kindling as you’re used to. Keep your breath light until the fire’s “glowing heart” is the size of your first, then blow harder. Practice makes perfect. Don’t be bummed if you need a few warm-ups before nailing your technique.

Our bellows is durable and its life will last even longer with proper care. The bellows does not double as a fire poker. Keep it clean, out of the flames, and wipe it down before collapsing.

You should only use the bellows if you have a proper understanding of fire safety.

Remember, don’t position yourself downwind or above the fire, and don’t use bellows in dry or windy conditions. You shouldn’t inhale through the bellows; instead, turn your head away to take a breath, and then exhale into it. Be sure to let the bellows cool off before touching it.

Since the bellows can create a four foot flame in even fewer seconds, you don’t need gasoline or lighter fluid, but you do need to be smart about fire safety. Fire is dangerous and can cause injury, death, or property damage. Always keep a reasonable distance from the fire, and always keep the bellows away from children.


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