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The flagship piece of our product line, the Bush Smarts Backpack is the perfect light-weight pack for a weekend of adventure. We've tested it for years, tweaked it and engineered it until it was exactly the bag we wanted. 

Whether you fill it up with our gear (it's made to fit), or someone else's. You've got the flexibility to open or close the rolltop to adjust capacity as needed.

See Diagrams and video for full list of features and specifications.

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Made in Rochester, NY
Waterproof fabric 4 ply
Terrain X-Pac™
200 denier Nylon
Black Polyester X-PLY™
0.25 mil PET film
50 denier polyester taffeta DWR

Rolltop/roll bottom access
Removable harness
35 - 40L capacity
Outer pouch ~2L
31oz total weight

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