GG Camp Shovel

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When you Gotta Go in the woods, you’ll need a camp shovel. We’ve tried them all – plastic ones break, folding steel ones are heavy and in hard soil can collapse at just the wrong moment. We modified snow stakes to make the ideal camp shovel. They are strong (but not indestructible), super light and just long enough to keep your hands out of it. We’ve added a hi-viz reflective loop and leather toggle for secure and easy lashing to the outside of you pack.

Included is a compact roll of the best TP for the trail we’ve ever used. It’s in a strong watertight bag because wet TP is useless. Refills available.

"The GG Camp Shovel even comes with a compact roll of toilet paper so you've got everything you need short of an old copy of Reader's Digest to pass the time." ~Gizmodo

Featured in:

light strong anodized aluminum

6" long x 1.5" wide x .75”deep

55 sheet strong and heavy weight 1 ply
durable 4mil waterproof bag

4.5" long x 1.5" diameter

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