Seasons of Intention

It’s all too easy right now to hunker down and crush it out through the holidays, but we want to encourage you to stop. Take some time and consider how you can really make the most of this month, and the winter season.

Something I’ve learned over time is that nature is filled with “micro moments” that come and go very quickly. If you’re just biding your time til Christmas or ski season or whatever – you really are missing out on some special experiences.

Try and play out what’s happening in nature around you (except you, SoCal -- you can sit this one out). The days are very, very short. Are you making the most of the limited sunshine? But let’s go deeper. Foliage has dropped, and this sometimes makes animals easier to see, but also more skittish because they know they’re exposed.

This means hawks and other birds of prey are in full glory, because their hunting grounds just became much easier to see and navigate.

One of my favorite moments, is the period of time when lower temperatures cause our lake to freeze. This means ice skating, and also easier movement across swamps, streams, ponds and lakes. I’ve often used the ice as an easy way to explore places that I’d otherwise have to wade through to access.

Moving across the ice can also be a perfect time for a conservation project. Easily navigable land can give you fast access for placing bat or duck boxes along shorelines.

Migratory birds will continue sweeping through the area, likely before the water freezes, so keep your eyes peeled for new ducks, woodcock, snipe or other birds that you may only have one or two opportunities to see each year.

I know that when I take the time to enjoy nature's changing seasons, I am less impatient with change in my own life. It helps me remember that there's a time and place for everything--and waiting on change can be a beautiful process in itself.

- Kevin
My neighbor, Mark, preparing his ice boat for a sail last winter. What a rush!